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6 Ways To Tell Your Kids They Did A Great Job In School Today


Most parents have seen the incredible difference that positive reinforcement can have in their children's lives. No matter how happy or difficult a child's day is at school, hearing encouraging things from a parent can increase their happiness levels, sense of well-being, and confidence. Here are six ways that you can tell your kids that they did a great job in school today.

Say this: Wow, you have worked so hard to achieve that grade. I'm proud of you for working so hard!

Not all kids have to put an equal amount of exertion and work into their studies to get the same grades. Some children are natural at academic endeavors, although they do have to put in a minimal amount of effort for top grades. Other kids work very hard for the same or lower grades. Praising the work your child did to excel helps them feel in charge of their academic career.

Say this: You are so smart. With your intelligence, I know you can do anything you want. Way to go!

Praising your child's natural intelligence can help them feel confident in their own innate capabilities. Having these talents validated with kind words from a aren't can help them believe in their own intelligence and apply themselves more effectively in school.

Say this: I enjoy hearing what you say, and I bet your teacher does, too. Nice work on this report.

Knowing that you appreciate what they say can make a child feel ecstatic. Some kids may worry that parents don't want to hear their opinions, but validating their opinion and observing that others are sure to appreciate it, too, can make a huge difference in your child's self-esteem.

Say this: I love you so much, and it makes me so happy to see that you did great in school today.

Reiterating how much you love your child is always a good thing. Sharing in their joy at an accomplishment can teach children how much fun it is to share in the joy of others and be happy for someone else in their accomplishments.

Say this: Your school is a much better place with you in it. I'm so glad you did well on that test.

Helping your child view their world as a place that is blessed with their presence can help them feel great. The lowest levels of depression can come from a lack of confidence, so taking the time to build up healthy self-esteem in your child can continue to be a gift that serves them well throughout their life.

Say this: You so deserve that great grade you made. I'm proud of you for this accomplishment.

Talking about how much the child deserves the positive things that they received can help them feel empowered. Everyone wants to feel that they can accomplish great things, and knowing that their parents are behind them can help a child thrive in school.

Finally, keep in mind that your kids are probably going to light up with your words of encouragement. Every child longs for their parents' approval even if they may not openly show it because they feel pressure to "play it cool". Sing your kids' praises often, and you will find that their behavior improves, too. It's a win-win situation for everyone. For more information about helping your child through their school years, contact a company like St Anne Catholic School.


3 February 2017