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3 Ways To Entice Your Preschooler To Eat A Healthy Packed Lunch


Preschoolers are renowned for not only having a lot of energy, but also for being picky eaters. You don't want to be backed into a corner when it comes time to pack their lunch. You also want to make sure that the staff at your child's preschool is not dealing with a fussy eater. You want to make sure that your child's diet is well-balanced so that they have enough energy to play and grow in a healthy manner. Here are three ways to entice your preschooler to eat a packed lunch.

Sprinkle a little sugar on fruits and vegetables.

Preschoolers often get stuck in their ways. They become used to two or three favorite foods and do not want to deviate. As a parent, you are always concerned about whether or not your preschooler is consuming enough important vitamins. It can be even harder to make sure they are getting a good variety of foods when they are eating lunch at preschool. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of essential vitamins, but it may become tricky getting your preschooler to eat them. they may be put off by variances in colors and textures. You can sweeten the deal by sprinkling a little bit of sugar on fruits and vegetables. Moderation is key, and sugar should be used to provide a little flair of flavor, but not as a way to add an entire layer of sweetness. A little white sugar on berries or apples goes a long way toward enticing your preschooler to try new fruits. Similarly, you can include a little brown sugar on cooked carrots and sweet potatoes to make them more appealing. All of these options can be easily packed in their lunch for school.

Teach your preschooler about food sources.

Your preschool-aged child is like a sponge. Preschoolers absorb knowledge at a staggering rate. Involve your preschooler in food choices and preparation by educating them about where their food comes from. On top of teaching them about identifying certain food items, you also want to involve them in the shopping process. Take your child on a trip to the grocery store or the farmers market. Allow them to choose one or two fruits or vegetables that they are curious about. Giving them the power to choose and learn about their foods adds a layer of fun, and also gets them involved in the lunch packing process.

Provide variety without being a personal chef.

When you a raising a family, it can be hard to get all of your kids to agree on a meal or  a snack. You can also get a lackluster response to your packed lunches. You should not become a personal chef to accommodate individual dictates. Instead, add small ways to personalize a meal that appeal to your preschooler. For example, you can provide a choice of dips to accompany you their lunch, whether you are eating vegetables, meat, or grains. Allowing your child to individualize their meal with a dip incentives them to participate in packing their lunch and to eat it at school with minimal fuss.


14 April 2015